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Has England Deserted
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Rockline September 1986
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Rockline September 1986"I'm Worried," the Yong Superstar Admits... "Most of the rest of the world doesn't like me."

When the Beatles broke up in the early '70s and John Lennon decided to make the U.S. his permanent home, his fellow Britons continued with their undying support, as Americans gladly welcomed the former Beatle with open arms. Now, it is the mid '80s and it looks as if history is repeating itself-well, sort of.

This time around, the man making the big move is Julian Lennon, son of that legendary rocker. But while father John made a new home for personal reasons (mainly to be with his family), son Julian's are professional. At a time when his popularity was just beginning to take off strongly in Britain, Julian simply disappeared from his homeland, later to show up in America. "I was doing well in England but I was doing better in America. It's not that I'd rather be more successful in one place or the other but America's a bigger country and there are more earnings to be made. "

Matters overseas didn't look too good for Jules, and he began to feel the brunt of it at a time when he most needed their support.

On The Road Again

Julian Lennon

Julian didn't hide his dislike of the road the first time he toured and this time around it was no different either. "The (record) company is anxious for me to get out there, not me, " he stated. 'I'll enjoy the tour, but II/ be working very hard to get it over as quickly as possible."

Part of his dislike has to do with the drastic change in lifestyles which he suffered when becoming a celebrity. For years-although he was well known in certain circles because of his father's popularity-Julian enjoyed a somewhat peaceful lifestyle where he could come and go as he pleased, when he pleased. All that took a sudden turn as soon as his first album, Valotte, was released. He was immediately surrounded by hordes of people telling him what to do, what to say, where to go-it wasn't easy giving up his freedom.

He toured anyway, both in support of Valotte and his recent LP The Secret Value Of Day dreaming, knowing that there would be many disappointed fans it he didn't. Still, when asked to picture what it would be like for him if he could take the time away from the public eye, he readily replies, "Sheer, pure heaven. I'd do nothing but relax. I wouldn't even have to go anywhere special This heaven is very simple. You'd have to go through what I've been through to appreciate this kind of heaven."

Julian and his Band