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Has England Deserted
 Julian Lennon...?

Rockline September 1986
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Julian Lennon
More so than anything, Julian fears the British leg of the tour: "It's England I'm worried about," he says. "There are nasty people there. Even if it turns out good, the press'll be stupid."

Fortunately for Julian, he won't have to worry about that during this tour. Shortly after tickets went on sales overseas, it was announced that the European dates would not take place. Many cited current world affairs (i.e.: terrorism) as the cause, but the fact remains that after the tickets went on sale, only about 400 were sold. Was this the Britons' way of getting back at Julian for leaving their country? Had England deserted their native son?

He'll "Stick Around" For A While

If indeed England has deserted him, Julian needn't fear-his American fans are more than happy to have him. "I'm really happy about this," says Julian. 'I need the support. Most of the rest of the world doesn't like me.'

And just how does he feel about the way England has been treating him? "in places like England, they think this was all handed to me on a silver platter," he says. "They say, 'Why is he bothering with this singing, he's got plenty of money in the bank?' But that's her (Yoko Ono's) money. I don't control it. They don't realize I worked hard to get where I am and to get what I have. But once some people get an idea in their heads, you can't pry it loose."

There is one idea however that's gotten into Julian's head that no one would dare try and pry loose, and that's to make good music for as long as his fans want to hear it. That being the case, you can bet Julian Lennon is going to "Stick Around" for quite a while!

Julian Lennon