Julian Lennon On The Road After All!

His First U.S. Tour Proves This Star Is On The Rise!
16 Magazine August 1985

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Julian Lennon

When people first heard Julian Lennon's debut album, Valotte, which demonstrated his considerable skill as a singer, songwriter and musician, the first question on their minds was "When will he be performing live?" Despite the LP's quickly achieved platinum status, Julian decided to hold off touring until he'd recorded and released a second album, which would give him a greater selection of material to choose from. It wasn't long before he changed his mind though (the popularity of Valotte gave his confidence a boost!) and no one uttered a single complaint! His six-week U.S. tour, which kicked off in Austin, Texas and finished in L.A., was a huge success and an exciting, uplifting experience. Julian invites you to share it!

Julian sold out three dates at New York's Beacon Theatre on April 8th, 9th and 10th. Backed up by his band-good friends Justin Clayton and Carlton Morales on guitars; Carmine Rojas on bass; Chuck Kentis on synthesizer, keyboards and vocals; Frank Elmo on saxophone and Alan Childs on drums- he performed an energetic set that was met with his audience's thunderous enthusiasm. For a first-time performer Julian seemed remarkably at ease on stage, and his low-key attire and friendly attitude conveyed a sense of kinship and goodwill toward his fans.


Julian's 22nd Birthday

Julian's opening night at the Beacon Theatre also happened to be his 22nd birthday, a fact not overlooked by his attentive audience. Throughout the show frequent shouts of "Happy birthday!" could be heard and all sorts of flowers, cards and gifts made their way to the stage. Julian even received an inflatable plastic birthday cake, complete with candies! He and the band performed their Valotte material and then thrilled the crowd with their version of vintage rockers "Slippin' And Slidin' " and "Day Tripper."

After the show, Julian headed for Regine's, a fashionable New York nightspot, to celebrate his birthday and enjoy a scrumptious chocolate cake (right). He spent the evening seated next to Ahmet Ertegun, chairman of Atlantic Records - another indication of his blossoming success. If you didn't catch Julian this time around, don't worry. His first U.S. tour has proved that success is just beginning-and Julian's sure to be back soon!

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar