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RockLine! August 1985

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Like many of the media articles this one contains many inaccuracies.
Some of which are VERY humourous which is why I've included it...
Just to show... don't believe everything you read.
Corrections and comments by myself were done January 2001 - CJ

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Young Mr. Lennon - Professionally And Personally!

Professionally Speaking ...

40 As a testimony to the late John Lennon, Julian plans to team up with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to record one cut on his next album. (This is an on going rumour started by the media there is no truth in it - CJ)

39 Julian uses an eight-track portable recording studio when writing songs. It took him nearly a year to complete the Valotte album.

38 He plays guitar, bass, keyboards and electronic drums. He also co-writes most of his material with childhood buddy, Justin Clayton.

37 Initially, Julian was insecure about his talent and the quality of his demos. He was even reluctant to play piano on the Valotte LP. It took producer Phil Ramone to urge it out of him.

36 Julian insists that one album can hardly tell the whole musical story. "There's plenty of stuff which I'm going to use later on ... which is more in the modern style," says he.

35 When asked if he would ever record his father's music, Julian replied, "I really don't think so . .

34 Believe it or not -Julian composed one of the break dancing tracks in the movie Body Rock. (Something happened with this and the song wasn't actually used in the movie. I think it had to do with Julian not liking what they were doing with the song. - CJ)

33 When Julian was shopping for his record deal, he made sure his demo tapes were circulated anonymously. He wanted to be signed for his music, not his name. (Julian had alot of people not wanting to deal with him because of his name and so Dean Gordon, his then manager, sent out the demos anonymously - CJ)

32 Originally, Julian wasn't going to tour until he recorded a second album. He changed his mind and just finished his first U.S. tour. (Actually Atlantic forced him into the tour - CJ)

31 Before Julian was signed to Atlantic Records, he recorded a few sides for a small London-based label called Charisma Records. (Charisma was the indie label in England Julian was signed to and was sold to Atlantic - CJ)

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