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Like many of the media articles this one contains many inaccuracies.
Some of which are VERY humourous which is why I've included it...
Just to show... don't believe everything you read.
Corrections and comments by myself were done January 2001 - CJ

30 Shy Julian usually records his vocals with the lights off.

29 Julian played drums on "Ya Ya"-a cut from his father's Walls And Bridges LP. The credit reads, "Julian on drums and, dad on piano and vocals."

28 Not too long ago he participated in a television salute to Wait Disney. His debut TV appearance, last year, was an hour-long special honoring the Beatles' 20th anniversary.

27 Julian paid his dues as a musician before he was famous by playing in countless night clubs for very little money. He did most of his gigging in London and New York city.

26 Never one to pass up a party, Julian made the New York, Greenwich Village scene when he toasted John and Andy Taylor's Power Station project.

Personally Speaking ...

25 When it comes to music and appearance, Julian doesn't mind being compared to his Beatle dad. In fact, he thinks it's all quite complimentary. (This is actually getting quite old and Julian does not wish to discuss his father or the Beatles anymore. - CJ)

24 There are times when I wish I "were born Joe Average," says Julian, feeling the stress of too much media attention.

23 Julian is proud of the fact that he's been making his own living since he left school. When he's been in a financial bind or two, however, Yoko Ono helped him out. (This happened to be a legal issue involving some stolen tapes of John Lennon's - check out the Quiz and Trivia section for more info - CJ)

22 For a long time Yoko and Julian were at odds with each other. "No more," says Julian. "I have a great amount of respect for her." (Yoko and Julian are still at odds with each other - CJ)

21 He always knew he was headed for a career in music. The only reason he didn't record something earlier was because he was in school. (He also considered being a music engineer and a cook - CJ)

20 Hey Jude," written by Paul McCartney, was originally titled "Hey Julian." Paul wrote it for Julian when his father and mother were breaking up. (It was actually 'Hey Jules' - CJ)

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