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Like many of the media articles this one contains many inaccuracies.
Some of which are VERY humourous which is why I've included it...
Just to show... don't believe everything you read.
Corrections and comments by myself were done January 2001 - CJ

19 Julian, 22, was born on June 8, 1963 between the success of two Beatle hits, "Please, Please Me" and "From Me To You." (Ummm Opps... He was born on April 8, 1963... - CJ)

18 In New York, he frequents the Hard Rock Cafe. Last time he was there, he celebrated WNEW's 17th anniversary with D.J. Scott Muni.

17 While the public is listening to Julian's records, his ear is turned to Kate Bush and Keith Jarrett. He also appreciates Men At Work, The Tubes and the Beatles, of course.

16 When Julian was five, his father I 6 gave him a set of drums. When he was 11, he gave him his first guitar.

15 When he turns 26, he'll inherit, $250,000 from a trust fund he shares with his half-brother, Sean. Whether he will inherit anything from John's actual estate is allegedly up to Yoko Ono. (Julian and Yoko came to an undisclosed settlement on this a couple years ago... Julian has reported that he has had better record contracts than the settlement and is disappointed that the only means he has of obtaining heirlooms of his father's for his family is by buying them through auction as Yoko will not give him any of his father's belongings. - CJ)

14 When Valotte was released, Paul McCartney sent Julian a telegram that read, "Good luck, old - - - - - - - - - - - - fruit." When Paul actually heard the LP, he phoned Julian to say, "I love it."

13 According to Julian, the song "Well, I Don't Know" was written about his deceased father. The lyric, "I fear you/Do you fear me?" expresses the awe and occasional scary feelings he experienced with his celebrity dad.

12 Fun for Julian these days, consists of a long walk to a friend's house-and a good time when he gets there.

11 Julian says he finds music "a way of touching people" - especially his mother, Cynthia Twist, with whom he remains very close.

10 Julian is known to his friends as somewhat of a prankster. He loves to run around town in a variety of disguises -including a phony mustache.

9 Julian was named after John's mother, Julia.

8 The Beatle's hit "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" was inspired by a grammar school painting Julian did of his friend Lucy. He titled the painting "Lucy In The Sky." His father titled the song.

7 During the '70s, Julian adopted the punk look, but not the Music. He prefers softer, more melodious sounds like those of Steely Dan and the Police.

6 As a Beatle child, Julian considered the massive amounts of attention lavished upon him normal. It wasn't until he was a teenager that he realized he had an unusual up-bringing.

5 At 17,, Julian left home for a spell - waited on tables and washed dishes for a living. He also did some modeling and worked as a magician.

4 In his spare time, he likes to watch TV, play the piano and kick up the streets with his dirt bike.

3 Although he always loved music, Julian once considered a career as a professional artist. He even applied to Chester College of Art in England.

2 "Say You're Wrong," Julian's third single, boasts a non-album cut, "Bebop" on the flip side.

1 Julian doesn't mind that his life is an open book. Whenever a fan publicly praised his work he says, "Thanks Valotte."

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