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Julian Lennon Heir to the Pop Throne?
No1 January 5, 1985

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Julian Lennon is a new star with an old name. Debbi Voller spotlights a man in the shadow of a famous father. Mike Prior sits him in the photographer's chair.


"I didn't realise it was all going to be this hectic. It gets crazy sometimes - I mean I don't even have a chance to go to the loo, never mind eat.

"I'm serious!"

After a two-month promotional tour around "Europe, America and everywhere", Julian Lennon is feeling phased.

If his career appears to be running all too smoothly at the moment, then spare a thought for the rough ride he's having along the way.

"I had no idea it'd wreck me this much. I'm not that far gone but much more of this and I'll be underground.

"Seven in the morning till seven at night, constant work for two months, really drains the hell out of you.

"I just wanna rest!"

But the tight and punishing schedules threaten to continue long into tonight, early tomorrow morning and for a long time to come. It's all a far cry from his early days as a waiter and washer-upper. But more of that later...

"We go to Paris tomorrow, then we fly to New York (takes a deep breath) and hopefully have something to eat - first thing in the morning you can't really look at eggs, bacon, chips and do an interview. We're off to Philadelphia, New York again, LA, back to New York, and in between all the shows there's interviews of course!"

Fans are pressing round the car that's now ready to whisk Julian away from the Roundtable radio show he's just finished recording, and off to LWT's Tarby show, which he's currently halfway through!

To top it all, there's an appearance at the Albert Hall tonight for a Save The Children concert.

And between all these shows, there's my interview of course - snatched along the way and in the dressing room. Is there no peace for Julian Lennon?

"We're talking about a tour in March, or it might be at the end of the year. I don't know when I'm going to get an 'oliday.

If we gig in March I might be able to have a month off in the summer, but no f un yet!"

Julian Lennon


You could say that Julian Lennon's had a head start in the music business, being the son of John Lennon. You could say- but Julian knows otherwise.

There was no red carpet treatment for this son of a Beatle when he approached the record companies, not so much as a welcome mat. Because of his name, he was greeted only with suspicion.

People didn't want to get involved. No matter what the music was like, that was their attitude.

"In the end I was lucky to got a deal with Charisma. They look after you rather than try to promote you as a commercial thing. You can actually be yourself."

Be yourself'? Isn't that a bit difficult when all anyone wants to talk about is Julian's uncanny resemblance to his father, both physically and musically. (It's also the feeling you get when you meet and speak with him for the first time.)

Tired as he may be of all the comparisons, isn't he making a conscious attempt to carry on with the Lennon tradition?

"Just as far as music goes, yeah. But I don't think my style's that similar. When I listen to his stuff and my stuff, obviously there's a 60s, 70s style to it, but it's not that immediate.

"I've released a break dance record in America and one of my B-sides is kind of Michael Jacksony!

"I was influenced by The Beatles. I'm also influenced by people like Steely Dan, Keith Jarrett, The Police, Kate Bush and Frank Zappa.

"All these comparisons are starting to drive me up the wall now, It's really making me mad, but I don't want to get too aggressive about it.

"It's nice in one way, but when the press accuse me of picking my nose the same way as my father did, you know, it's just (sighs) too much. . ."

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