Julian Conquers America

Pop Rocky #13 - 1985
Translated & Contributed by Nina Fels

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America celebrates a new superstar: a quarter million rock-fans cheer loudly in forty sold out arenas between New York and San Francisco the perfect show on stage of the 22 year old Julian Lennon, son of the former Beatle John Lennon. Neutral observer talked about a hysteria of the audience as they haven't seen it since the glory days of the Beatles. The American journalists also turned a somersault and tried to surpass each other. Though Julian won't hear of a comparison with the Beatles. "I try to do my own music. If some of my songs sometimes sound a bit like the ones my father did, that's just by chance!"

Plans for a LP with Paul, George and Ringo 

Nevertheless the Lennon-son seems to be caught by the Beatles-fever. Julian plans a reunion with the former Beatles, the three most popular men from Liverpool. The most recent news tell that Paul McCartney, George Harrsion and Ringo Starr seem to think positively about that project. And if it doesn't work out, Julian certainly doesn't have to care: his debut "Valotte" is a hit and has sold several millions world-wide and he is loved by the American audience so much, lets him look into the musical-future without worry.

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar