Julian Lennon That Fabulous Face!

16 Magazine August 1985

"Who's Going To Be A Famous Little Rocker Like His Dad?"
This Power-Charged Cutie - With The Soulful Brown Eyes!

On stage Julian Lennon is a sight to behold - a mass of high energy motion wrapped in T-shirts and blue jeans. One minute he's here, next he's there interacting with every member of his band. Even more intriguing than his frenetic movements though, are the expressions that pass across his face -when he's checking with band members in a "How am I doing?" sort of way, and most especially when he's wooing his audience. "I really was wishing that I could be in the live situation where I could jump around and be silly," he said in New York in his pre-tour days. Julian hadn't been too sure he could go out on the road with only an album's worth of well-known songs, but he did and then wowed everyone with his musical prowess - and his showmanship.

Julian never stops moving on stage or off! He thumps his fingers with nervous energy and darts his eyes about in wondrous surprise, as if all the attention he's been getting might really be intended for the fellow behind him. Any fellow! Part of Julian's charm is that he's honestly bowled over to discover that people actually enjoy his music and not just his association to a rock legend like John Lennon.

The son, however, looks so much like the father, it's almost uncanny. One minute serene - the next a cartoon movie. The muses that move Julian are not dissimilar to the ones that inspired his dad, but Julian is very much his own young man. Super-sensitive, creative, wistful, often child-like (as when he calls for his "mummy" before he goes on stage with a case of butterflies, flirty, astonished, even a bit frightened of trusting those who might merely want to be close to him because he is the former Beatle's son, Julian wears all these characteristics proudly for everyone to see.

Julian's mouth is as careful as Mona Lisa's; his pale skin as delicate and vulnerable as that of a babe in the woods; his eyes. . . well, his eyes tell the whole story - and there's a whole story they don't tell. But then that's part of his charm! For one so young, Julian has seen, heard and lived a great deal. He's obviously enjoying it so far, because those eyes are jam-packed with feelings that find their way to the surface.

Julian is his own story waiting to be told - that's the biggest message he's sent so far. He's curious about music and the world; he's curious about his own potential; he's curious about the fans who admire him and are too young to remember his dad. That's right, Julian fan. Those great big eyes are for you-and for all the lovely times you and Julian will share together!

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