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Beatle John Lennon and art student Cynthia Powell were married in August of 1962. On April 8, 1963 Cynthia gave birth to John Charles Julian Lennon.

One day Julian brought a painting home from elementary school. It was this painting of his friend Lucy that lead to the writing of the Beatles' song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

John and Cynthia Lennon were divorced in November 1968, leaving a five-year-old Julian almost entirely cut off from his already distant father.

Beatle Paul McCartney, Julian's godfather, felt sorry for young Julian because Paul was also the victim of a broken home. To help soothe the discouraged boy, McCartney wrote "Hey Jude," which would later become a big Beatles' hit.

John gave Julian a set of drums when he was five and he gave Julian  his first guitar when he reached the age of eleven.

While attending Kingsmead, Hoy lake school, Julian made friends with Justin Clayton, who turned out to be a life-long friend and co-musician.

Julian and Justin took guitar lessons at Hoylake and formed a small band. Their first job was playing at a school dance. In fact, Julian played a Les Paul copy guitar his father had given him for Christmas.

The first professional work Julian did was help record the song "Ya Ya" on his father's 1974 album, Walls and Bridges. Julian was on drums and his father played piano and sang.

The British Press reported several rumored names of a Julian-Justin group, one of which was the Lennon Drops. Other "Drops" members included Tanya Waters, David Jones, Derry Evans and Mike Johnson.

The day that Julian's world caved in: December 8, 1980, the day John Lennon died.

While at the Manoir de Valotte, Julian took time to unwind by enjoying a motorcycle ride around the grounds.

When he is motoring around the streets of London, Julian can be seen driving a green, frog-eyed 1957 Austin-Healey Sprite.

A year before he died, John Lennon told his son Julian that he would one day come back to him in the image of a white feather floating across the room. Julian looked for that feather for some time, but has now given up the search. Julian feels he has finally come to terms with his father's death.

Another Julian Lennon band, which formed soon after his father's death, was Quazar. Quazar consisted of Paul lnder (son of Motorhead's lead guitarist), Pat McMillan, Les Warner and, of course, Justin Clayton.
*This is actually untrue see FAQs

Julian has lived in many different English towns, including Kensington, Liverpool, Weybridge, Cheshire and London.

Julian's debut album, Valotte, was named after the French chateau located in Nevers, France where most of the songs on the album were composed.

Even though he seems shy, Julian is known as a prankster to his friends back home in London.

Julian likes to hang around with just a few close friends. But there is one person he'd rather be with than any other - girlfriend/model Debbie Boyland.

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