After His Tour, Jules Takes Five!

Resting At Home In England,
Julian Lennon Is Doing What He Lives Best
- Writting Songs!
Teen Beat 1985

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Julian LennonBackstage, Julian received cngrats from friends and fans in every city he played.

After practically exhausting the U.S. supply of our cream potato chips and Nestle Crunch bars, (two of Julian Lennon's favorite munchies), the second-generation Beatle is resting up in England, re-living the best moments of his Valotte tour.

From the moment Julian walked on stage in San Antonio, Texas, to the moment he walked off in Los Angeles, California, he consistently proved himself to be more than just a chip off the old block. Mobs of fans followed his every move, and while such phenomenal acclaim would've gone to the head of any other 22-year-old, Julian kept his cool, by moaning, again and again, "I want me mummy."

On stage during the Valotte tour, Julian was a commanding and sexy pressence!

The Valotte tour was something Julian and his musical cohorts, Justin Clayton and Carlton Morales, have been dreaming of since grade school. For someone so young and inexperienced, Julian commanded the stage with a sensual and professional presence, amassing affectionate screams and a collection of stuffed toys, flowers and gifts. He also rounded out his stage act by singing the Beatles' "Day Tripper," his delicate way of paying homage to his dad.

Since the tour ended, rumors have run rampant that Julian will be teaming with the ex-Beatles to record, but in interview after interview, Julian's squelched that rumor with a commanding "No." Instead, he is spending his respite about the house writing tunes. "That's fun for me," says Jules. Otherwise, the singer will "just walk around, go to a couple of pubs every now and then or go to see friends."

With his Valotte tour, Julian Lennon took a giant leap in proving he isn't just "somebody's son." And, next time, peo- ple go to the record stores looking for the new Lennon album, (to debut next year) they'll be look- ing for the LP by Julian Lennon, not the one by John Lennon's son.

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar