For The Love Of Lennon!

Julian Proves He Can Make It On His Own
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For The Love of Lennon

It took a lot of courage for Julian Lennon to release his first album, Valotte. He knew that because he looks and sounds so much like his late father, Beatle John Lennon, that everyone would be making comparisons. That's why he waited years be- fore signing a record contract. He wanted to be absolutely sure that he was the best he could be musically before he walked into a studio. He wanted to be accepted for his own talent, not his legendary last name.

And he has been! Valotte was one of the hits of last year, and Julian's "tickled pink." The wonderful thing about Julian's success is that he de- serves every bit of it. With a funny little smile and a sparkle in his eye, he is a warm and loving rock star. He doesn't even mind those constant questions about his dad. "I'm not sick of it at all," he declares. "I could go on saying nice things about him 'til the end of time ... I just loved him, the style, the whole way he did things." Julian has even resolved his differences with John's widow, Yoko Ono. "This album is a way of proving to her I can do this without her help or any- one else's ... I'm not seeking to be a superstar," adds Julian who'll begin touring soon, "I'm doing it because of my love for my music."

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar