Late Night with David Letterman

NBC (USA) 9 April 1985

Valotte Bar

Ah Tell me about your - you - you collect cars, you like cars is that - maybe not collect them, but you have cars.... a hobby.

9 April 1985 on David Letterman

Yeah. I just like old English sports cars.

What kind of cars do you have.

No. I just have one car at the moment.

What kind.

It's a Austin-Healey-Frog-Eyed-Sprite.

A Frog-Eyed-Sprite.

Sprite. Yeah.

 Frog-Eyed meaning the little - the lights - the lamps are up...

The little lamps - the lights - stick up. Yeah.

They don't make those anymore, Austin-Healey at all do they?

No. No, I think they finished in the early to mid-sixties.


Yeah. But I got one.

What year?


And what do you do with it? You drive it around? Can you go nuts in it?

Um, well - I just take it for cruises in the countryside.

Yeah. Do you have a license? a driver's license?

No! (Everyone including Jules cracks up laughing)

Now uh.. you understand the situation here if you enjoy automobiles and you don't have a license. Now why don't you have a license?

Well at the time being I haven't had much chance to get one.


But... No. No. I have provisional which allows me to go with a passenger that has a license so I'm okay.

Oh I see. I see. Yeah, I want you to explain - explain that to the highway patrol in Texas when you're down there. Now what about the..? We were talking the afternoon, there is, it was reported in a magazine article somewhere that there is a chance that you might be working with Paul McCartney and others is there any truth to...

Well, Uh. I don't think so. Well there is a rumor that the rest of the Beatles were getting together with me for a song on the album but um..

Now how does that notion strike you just off the top of your head.

Well I mean it - in many interviews before which I've done I've stated that I respect all  the Beatles and love them for what they have done. But, I've got a new career to go on with you know. I don't want to get caught up in that situation with them, confuse people even more.

You know the nice part about it is the career has also been very short and unbelievably successful which is a really nice deal for you.


You're going to be at the Beacon Theatre. How much longer are you going to be up there?

Um - Well, one more night.

9 April 1985 on David Letterman

 One more night.


Then on to where?

Philadelphia, which will be nice, and then on..

Julian it was a lot of fun to see you again and thanks for the surprise and have a good tour and come back anytime.

Ok Thank you.

And good luck with that license. Thank you Julian.

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar