Guest VJ on VH1 

March 26, 1985

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Julian, alias the Mad Hatter of MTV, nixed rumors that he'll record with the three surviving Beatles saying 
"I respect them and love them but I have my own career to go on with."

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(Right) With then VJ Martha Quinn, Julian sports a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt he got a Disneyland. He performed "Valotte", "Too Late For Goodbyes", and "Good Vibrations" on a TV special taped there.

During his guest hour, Julian wore a different hat for each segment... Mickey Mouse ears, Cowboy hat, Baseball cap... and at the end all of them at once to show he was a well balanced guy!

(Left) Julian got instructions from Martha before the taping starts. He believes his father would be proud of his success.  "I'm sure he's up there smiling," he says.