The Environment

Julian has supported many environmental causes concerning whales and dolphins...

  • Julian provided music for a 30 minute film entitled "Dolphin: A Magical Musical Journey." The film was directed by Kim Kindersley, narrated by John Hurt and had an introduction by Kiefer Sutherland.  

"Take a magical musical journey into the warm, turquoise waters of an idyllic underwater coral garden near Costa Rica to meet a wild hermit dolphin named Peto and her human friend, Karin. Through some of the most intimate wild dolphin footage ever filmed, experience the innocence, playfulness and wisdom of the sea's most wondrous creatures . . . The beautiful images and the music of world-class artists who were part of this project (Julian Lennon, Van Morrison, Clannad, Enigma, Eddi Reader, Raf Ravenscroft, and Howard Blake) weave a tapestry of sights and sounds that will sweep you away." 

Information on Eyes of the Soul

This documentary has finally been released as "WHALEDREAMERS"
Whaledreamers is now available on

  • Julian donated the song "Saltwater" to the Universal Cetacean Institute for their compilation CD "Out of the Blue" on the Planet Blue/ARC21 label with distribution by EMI. The CD is also the soundtrack for the IMAX  film entitled "Dolphin" released Spring 1999.
  • In 1992 Julian planted a tree in Australia and signed a Mandate presented at the Earth summit in Brazil. - Article