Eyes of the Soul

From a booklet on the film...

Work on "Eyes of the Soul" has ceased however a new documentary called "The Gathering" about the tribes of indigenous people is in the works by Kim Kindersling - Check out "The Gathering" Website.

"EYES OF THE SOUL" is constructed as a mythological dream of a young aborigine on his totemic journey.

This journey will be told in REAL TIME and DREAMTIME, the DREAMING being the aboriginal source of all creation stories. The audience will be taken back to the beginning of time, circumnavigating the globe to meet WHALE and DOLPHIN people, culminating in the NULLABOR, at a gathering at the invitation of the MIRNING people.

The MIRNING of South Australia were thought to be extinct. Film research uncovered some few remaining tribe members. For EYES OF THE SOUL they will gather again with SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALES, joined   by WHALE and DOLPHIN people from all over the world. The NULLABOR gathering will witness the culmination of our HERO's journey, a journey reflecting the universal desire in everyone to find Truth.

The film opens in the bowels of the city. Our young Aboriginal HERO sees an ELDER in the crowded streets, a mysterious figure calling to him from his tribal past.

We journey with our HERO through space and time as he is initiated by a group of TRIBAL ELDERS into DREAMTIME.

As our HERO starts his voyage, we see the sacred WHALE and DOLPHIN cave paintings of Kakadu National Park come alive. From this starting point, our HERO takes us on a richly visual exploration of Humanity's connection with WHALES and DOLPHINS.

He will be our guide in DREAMTIME as we travel back to the beginning of time, a time before any man walked the earth.

Through this great searching voyage, we share in the creation myths of the ZULUS of South Africa, the DOGON of Central Africa, the CHUMASH DOLPHIN DREAMERS of Southern California and the KOGI, the lost tribe of Colombia.

We see dramatic sequences of ORCAS, HUMPBACK and PILOT WHALES, DUSKY, SPINNER, BOTTLENOSE and SPOTTED DOLPHINS as they leap and play in crystal clear seas.

We see moving scenes of humanity at peace with nature: The CHUMASH calling in dolphins through the ecstasy of their traditional dance ritual, and the KOGIS blessing the world in a ceremonial meditation performed standing by ocean shores.

From this we hear the warnings of NATIVE AMERICAN ELDERS speaking their ancient prophecies amid the grandeur of the Red Rocks of Sedona, before we rejoin our HERO in the nightmare of the modern world, a world at odds with nature and itself. Here we see a series of shocking images, starkly representing some of the damage man is wreaking on the planet: oil slicks, nuclear fallout, decimated rainforests, harpooned whales.

We follow him back along his songlines as he rediscovers the original dream - people living in harmony with their Mother, the Earth.

Here we experience extraordinary time lapse photography of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world - the Australian Outback, Central Africa, South America, the magical Great Barrier Reef.

We see the interaction of humans with HUMPBACK WHALES, SPOTTED and SPINNER DOLPHINS in the wild. We experience being in the water touching an adult HUMPBACK WHALE.

We feel the euphoria of connecting and communicating with friendly WHALES and DOLPHINS in their natural habitat.

We relive the LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN DOLPHIN, a constantly unfolding series of interconnected Dolphin and Human tales and myths - surfing through giant waves surrounded by dolphins towards dramatic sunsets.

We take part in celebrations round the world with:

CREDO MUTWA, the last ZULU SANUSI, as he shares with a gathering of children his people's belief in their sacred connection with dolphins.

We meet RAINBOW WARRIORS, the tribes of all races, colors and creeds who are searching to reconnect with Mother Earth. We see them gathering at the Four Corners in Arizona, and area of astounding natural beauty where the territories of the UTE, APACHE, NAVAJO and HOPI Indians meet. There, they conduct a ceremony where NATIVE ELDERS pray for our future.

HUMBATZMEN, the MAYAN TIMEKEEPER, performs the sacred ritual of the autumn equinox at the pyramid of Chichen Itza.

We cruise with the CHUMASH in their Tomol boats with a group of GREY WHALES in Baja, California.

As our HERO nears the end of his quest he is called to the land of the MIRNING. The few remaining ELDERS will once again perform their traditional call to the SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALES, the most playful whales in the world.

We watch an extraordinary spectacle as the MIRNING gather on their scared cliffs, along with all the TRIBES we have seen in the film, to celebrate the re-emergence of a forgotten people and a spiritual reconnection with the WHALES..

As they do so, a WHITE WHALE rises out of the water below them. This image is a symbol of an ancient tribal prophecy - the prophecy that one day, ancient and modern tribes will come together, to re-dream a future where mankind will live in harmony with nature, and in so doing, reach a new level of spiritual evolution.

This is the archetypal HERO's journey, yet it is more than a reworking of classic myths. In some sense, this journey is real, and it is happening now, all over the world.

'Hey Jules' 1998 - 2002 CJ Burianek
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